Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) focuses on helping you do the most you can do with as little pain and/or discomfort as possible. In the clinic, the PM&R doctor will ask you questions about your injury, perform a physical exam and discuss ways in which you can decrease your pain and improve your overall health. PM&R doctors take care of patients with bone, joint, muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve injuries. In addition, PM&R doctors are experts in concussion (post-concussion problems), brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke and other debilitating disorders. Ultrasound and EMG (nerve test) are special tools PM&R doctors use to discover your injury.

Tulane PM&R doctors are also experienced sports medicine physicians who take care of a wide variety of people.  We have very few limitations in seeing patients that we do not think we can help.  As part of the management plan, we frequently include joint and muscle injections, nerve blocks, platelet-rich plasma, and prolotherapy.  We work closely with athletic trainers and physical/occupational and speech therapists to help you regain strength and function; and to also reduce the chance of the problem or pain coming back.  Finally, the Tulane PM&R doctors work closely with excellent surgeons in case surgery is needed to treat your problem.

The Doctor for You: Dr. Jacques Courseault and Dr. Gregory Stewart