Areas of Practice



A strong sports medicine program is vital to keeping athletes safe, fit and at the top of their game — and it’s critical to preserving their future health and well-being. That's why we provide a fantastic team of physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists and other professionals who work together to get you back in the game as safely and quickly as possible.
We’ve been helping athletes for over 40 years, and we elevated everyone’s game in 1998 when we opened the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, the region's first comprehensive sports medicine facility. See why athletes from all over the country come to New Orleans to be evaluated and treated.


To help kids get back to walking, running, throwing, and basically doing what kids do, Tulane Orthopaedics has quietly assembled the largest and most experienced Pediatric Orthopaedic group practice in the region.  Our Pediatric Orthopaedists practice at Tulane-Lakeside Hospital for Women and Children in Metairie, and at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.  They see patients in offices throughout south and central Louisiana.  We treat the entire range of orthopaedic conditions - ranging from fractures and sports-related injuries to scoliosis, hip conditions, and congenital deformities.  As you explore what we have to offer you child and your family, we think you'll be impressed!


From your neck to your toes, Tulane Orthopaedics offers the top orthopaedic surgeons and other clinicians you need.  To learn more about our faculty, please click here.