Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery is a comprehensive specialty looking at problems affecting the upper extremity. We focus specifically on issues affecting the elbows through the fingertips. These issues typically arise from acute trauma (fractures, dislocations, lacerations of tendons, nerves, arteries and ligaments), reconstruction for untreated trauma, arthritic conditions, overuse injuries, tumors/masses, nerve compression (carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel) and other acquired conditions.

Hand Surgery at Tulane uses the latest advances in non surgical and surgical treatment to get the best outcomes for our patients. We have a close relationship with our Certified Hand Therapists to ensure proper care of your condition. Our department works closely with Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation to ensure quick access to any further diagnostic studies. When surgery becomes necessary, our team based approach will work to restore your function, decrease your pain, and provide you the service you deserve. 

The Doctor for You: Gleb Medvedev, MD